COVID-Safe Program

“The future depends on what you do today.” – Ghandi

Finally, COVID restrictions are loosening, people are going back to work, students will be returning to the classroom, and we can look forward to a more normal time. But keeping the momentum moving forward will require diligence to prevent new outbreaks. At COVID-Safe, we are helping businesses and schools provide a safer environment for people.

COVID-SAFE is a comprehensive program designed to help businesses, schools, and other entities stay up to date on the confusing, ever-changing, COVID guidelines and recommendations.

The COVID-Safe Certification sets best practices by going beyond the minimum established guidelines. It provides an extra level of monitoring, safety, and security so that customers and staff have greater confidence in staying COVID safe.

The COVID-Safe program is specific to the type of business or school… There are five major areas that all participants in the COVID-Safe Certification must comply with including employee training. Since guidelines vary based on the location, type of business, school or program, each participating entity is considered unique, and requirements may be added to achieve the best practices status. 

Participating companies and schools that meet the highest level of compliance are issued a Certificate of Compliance by COVID-Safe, which is the gold standard for a COVID-Safe environment.

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